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Drarry timetravel

February 2017



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Jan. 1st, 2017

Drarry timetravel

[sticky post] to a new year and the same(ish) me

It seems fitting that this first actual post is happening on the first day of a new year. My journal is literally a blank slate, ready and waiting to be filled with words, in one form or another. I'm going to be really honest and say that I don't really know how to use LiveJournal correctly, but I'm excited to learn. So please bear with me as I learn, and I promise it'll get better (albeit slowly... I'm the turtle in this scenario... slow and steady and all that).

I've made quite a list of resolutions for this year, but I think that they're all mostly attainable. I don't do well with resolutions that have a specified goal, with specific numbers, as I often miss a day and then don't feel the motivation to keep going. So this year, most of them revolve around efforts that I can make on a more regular basis, like taking care of myself better or being kinder―to myself and to others.

I'm excited to see what this year has in store―finishing a thesis, graduating from university, hopefully travelling, and much more―and excited to make new friends on LiveJournal! Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to introduce yourself! I love meeting new people :)

Feb. 18th, 2017

Drarry timetravel

Updates and Holiday Fest Claiming :)

In what would probably be the theme song of my life, if I was cool enough to have a theme song, I’m writing when I should be doing real life work. Sighs. But alas, real life is no fun, and so I find myself once again writing, or at least attempting to write.

I apologize for taking so long to post anything new — I was sort of waiting for hd_owlpost to post reveals so I could do a big claim for fics, but was actually just using that as an excuse, and then RL sort of got away from me and I didn’t end up doing any of that.

But, now I’m here, and I’m attempting to do a fic claiming post!

First, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in hd_erised and write for ravenclawsquill. Since this was only my second fest, I was — and still am — learning the ropes. But I’m excited to continue learning and improving as a writer :)

Wait for Me to Come HomeCollapse )

Then, I got to write three fluffy pieces for hd_owlpost. It was really fun to participate in this fest because it felt relatively low stress, and it produces such a high volume of amazing works.

H/D Owlpost fics :)Collapse )

Also, I received many lovely gifts for this holiday season, that I’ve linked below.

gifts for me?!Collapse )

Currently, I’m working on a fic for hp_kinkfest as well as for Fandom Trumps Hate.

I’m also hoping to slowly become more active on here :)

I hope that everyone else is having a good February ♥